Service Fabric Hub (sort of)

SFNuGet is a NuGet package that allows you to “easily share, discover and reuse Service Fabric services as NuGet packages.”

In the world of Microservices, one of the greatest things is Docker Hub, where you can find thousands of reusable images that you can easily incorporate into your own applications. Service Fabric is still fairly new, so there isn’t such a vibrant community yet - I hope SFNuGet is a start.

With SFNuGet, developers like you can easily create and share great services with the entire community. If you come from the Docker world, you can think Service Fabric NuGet packages as Docker images, while Service Fabric application manifests as Docker compose files. And if I dare to dream, the parallel concepts create opportunities for bridging the two in the future.

There isn’t much available yet on nuget, but this may help to manage a large fabric application composed of services from multiple teams.