Service Fabric Hub (sort of)

SFNuGet is a NuGet package that allows you to “easily share, discover and reuse Service Fabric services as NuGet packages.”

In the world of Microservices, one of the greatest things is Docker Hub, where you can find thousands of reusable images that you can easily incorporate into your own applications. Service Fabric is still fairly new, so there isn’t such a vibrant community yet - I hope SFNuGet is a start.

With SFNuGet, developers like you can easily create and share great services with the entire community. If you come from the Docker world, you can think Service Fabric NuGet packages as Docker images, while Service Fabric application manifests as Docker compose files. And if I dare to dream, the parallel concepts create opportunities for bridging the two in the future.

There isn’t much available yet on nuget, but this may help to manage a large fabric application composed of services from multiple teams.

API Contract Testing

Coordinating loosely-coupled, distributed teams that develop microservices, comes down to agreeing on and enforcing a contract.

As each team continuously delivers each service, ideally multiple times a day, integration and end-to-end tests become unwieldy.

Rather than trying to tame the beast that is a distributed architecture, and bringing all the pieces together, simply document expectations so that breaking changes become apparent.

Pact provides a contract ‘between service consumers and providers, enabling consumer driven contract testing.”

This video from Atlassian gives a visual explanation of how this type of testing is integral to a successful microservices architecture.


Graphs from Text

I’m a big fan of online editors that generate graphs as you type pseudocode DSL. They update as you type, and re-arrange themselves to best fit the screen. The ones I frequent include:

And the latest discovery

  • viz.js - graphs using GraphViz

I’ll update this post if I come across any more.

Service Fabric Pub-Sub

During Service Fabric Q&A in May, Subramanian Ramaswamy replied to a question that the primitives to build a pub-sub system are there, and linked to an example by Azure CAT:

Free as in Beer

The old adage about open-source is to think of “free” as in “free speech,” not as in “free beer”… until now.

With DIY Dog we wanted to do something that has never been done before as well as paying tribute to our home-brewing roots. We wanted to take all of our recipes, every single last one, and give them all away for free, to the amazing global home-brewing community.

So here it is. The keys to our kingdom. Every single BrewDog recipe, ever. So copy them, tear them to pieces, bastardise them, adapt them, but most of all, enjoy them. They are well travelled but with plenty of miles still left on the clock. Just remember to share your brews, and share your results. Sharing is caring.

I think next on my list of homebrews is, “Islay Whisky Aged IPA.” Thanks BrewDog!

Now how do I convert this to BeerXML.